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What is Jasperactive?

Jasperactive is a cutting edge learning system that teaches learners various fundamental skills in technology, from the basics of using computers and the internet to using the Microsoft Office suite of applications. The purpose of Jasperactive is to give learners a tool that is applicable for all learning styles, can be accessed anywhere, and provides freedom to learn at any pace.

Jasperactive offers a benchmark assessment to gauge the prior knowledge of the learner. Based on those results, the platform creates an abundance of lessons, quizzes, and other various exercises that teaches what they do not know so that they do not waste time and energy repeating what they already know how to do.

Once the Jasperactive courses have been completed, the learner will be well equipped to earn their certification in that area.

Founded on CCI Learning’s world-leading courseware, Jasperactive for Microsoft Office is the world’s first kinesthetic Microsoft Office learning and validation system mapped to the Microsoft Office Specialist Global Standard.

Jasperactive for Digital Literacy provides success in modern society empowering learners to acquire knowledge at their own pace. Using an exercise-based approach, including intuitive mentored assistance, preparing for Certiport’s IC3 Certification.

Some of Our Clients

Sherri Bagshaw, Chanute High School, Kansas

“My students have really enjoyed this program, it is very user friendly and the customer service from CCI Learning has been amazing. I highly recommend this program.

Chris Glascock, Springs Canyon Alternative School, Idaho

“You have no idea what this is going to do for my program! I am so excited to help my kids progress. You have totally made my year.”

Kelly Broscheid, Cincinnati Public Schools, Ohio

“I have been singing Jasperactive’s praises to my counterparts around the state.”

Katherine Schmit, Kalama High School, Washington

“I have no doubt that we can certify all of our freshmen. We usually settle for 90%, but Jasperactive makes it so easy for students to self assess and redo exercises to gain missed knowledge. Thank you CCI Learning and Jasperactive!”

Jenny Cole, NetLEARN, South Africa

“My staff loved it. It is really the way forward.”

Joe Bryan, Walker Valley High School, Tennessee

“I wanted you to know how excited I am about Jasperactive, I love it and my students do too. I have a 91% passing rate in one class. We have never had this passing rate so early in the semester.

Our Director of Schools has heard of our success and has sent a message of congratulations. Jasperactive has made my life so much easier, and students are learning so much as they train.”