Digital Literacy (In Development)

Digital Literacy is the ability to learn, understand, apply and formulate ideas using information and communication technology safely and successfully.

Mapped to the IC3 GS5 Global Standard, CCI Learning’s world-class digital literacy courseware comes to life in Jasperactive.

Jasperactive for Digital Literacy provides success in modern society by employing a variety of methodologies for allowing learners to acquire knowledge at their own pace. Using an exercise-based approach, including intuitive mentored assistance, learners can assess their own understanding, review significant points or take a deep dive into various content styles, preparing for Certiport’s IC3 Certification.

Available Courses

Computing Fundamentals

In this module, you will focus on learning how to communicate with others using various types of mobile devices such as smartphones or voice mail. You will also explore how hardware and software can be configured to store, protect, and share data. As well, you will be introduced to networking and security concepts when working on a network or other public network, where you may store your files.

Living Online

This module looks at what it means to be online, such as how to find and then evaluate information, what is considered copyrighted or censored/filtered material, and navigating the Internet using web browsers to find specific information on various web sites, including social media sites. One of the most important points here is how to protect yourself and your online profile information no matter what activities you perform online.

Key Applications

This module introduces you to the most common features you will use in each of the popular Microsoft Office 2016 applications to create, edit, select and format items in simple types of documents.

This leads into using:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint

You will also be introduced to database concepts.

Accessible Anywhere

Jasperactive for digital literacy can be accessed on any online browser with an internet connection on any device ranging from a desktop computer to a smartphone.

Learning Pathway

Jasperactive for digital literacy promotes differentiated learning where content, environment and process of learning and instruction can vary to suit different learning styles.


The Benchmark test is a formative assessment of skills used to prescribe a course plan specific to each learner.


A rich collection of resources including QuickDecks, Ebooks, and Self- Test exercises.


On-Time learning with intuitive levels of


Quick Quizzes to test understanding of key concepts.


Projects and tasks for learners to bring forth ideas, propose action and evaluate how to apply skills in new and different situations.


Preparation exams for the IC3 GS5 Certification, using GMetrix.